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WSGG 89.3
Seventeen years ago my baby Hannah was born weighing 1 lb 1 oz.. She had no skin, grew in an incubator and had 11 surgeries by the time the was 1. Three times the doctors expressed that she was not expected to make it through the night but God proved them wrong. She is a walking a miracle. Her body is covered with scars that tell stories of God healing power. I recently published her book " Sewing In Tears" which is a testament of God's power to heal when all seem impossible. In America 1 in 10 babies are born premature and there are many parents who are dealing with the pain of seeing their babies go through so much. This book gives them hope and encouragement.
By: Annmarie Allen on August 21, 2017

KFXU 90.5
By way of introduction, I’m Tim Cameron, author of The Forty-Day Word Fast, an Amazon best seller. I have a new book out with Charisma House Inc., 40 Days Through the Prayers of Christ A Journey to Pray More Like Christ. I am inquiring to see if you might be interested in having me as a guest on your program. With my first book I did numerous radio and TV programs. These were quite enjoyable and I am very comfortable in a studio setting or on the air. I am a seasoned, passionate follower of Jesus. On the vocational side before I started writing, I was the Head of School at the largest private school in Oklahoma, Metro Christian Academy for fifteen years. And before that, a public school administrator and college administrator at Oral Roberts University. Please let me know if you have any interest in having me on your program. “He is always enough.” Tim Cameron Website: Email: Here is a short list of some TV and Radio programs I have been on: • Bob Dutka Show Radio WMUZ/WEXL/WRDT Michigan • Cornerstone TV Network Program: Real Life, Guest two times • Harvest Show TV LeSEA Network • ON Point with Charlotte Christmas KAYT 88.1 FM KAYT • Sunday Night Live Kim Weir KSBJ Sunday Night with Kim Weir, Houston • Time for Hope TV Dr. Freda Crews Daystar TV • Robin Steinberg Show The National Critics Choice On Line Radio and Magazine, Singapore, Guest two times • Golden Eagle Broadcasting TV Deborah Sweetin Show, Guest two times • WGGS Nite Line TV Dove Broadcasting South Carolina YouVersion featured a seven-day reading plan on my first book,The Forty-Day Word Fast, to start the New Year 1.1.16. So far over 125,000 people have completed the seven-day plan. I have a new reading plan on YouVersion 10 Days Through The Prayers of Jesus.
By: Tim Cameron on August 21, 2017

KMPQ 88.1
8/21/2017 I have a friend who lives in Sutherlin, OR. She claims there are NO RADIO STATIONS AVAILABLE in her area, as they "live in a bowl" because of the mountains & thus have NO RECEPTION. I find this hard to believe. What I'm looking for to tell her is WHERE TO FIND A STATION THAT HAS CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO, such as RUSH LIMBAUGH, SEAN HANNITY, MARK LEVIN, etc. Allegedly she does have a radio with an antenna, most likely thirty years old, but I guess it still works. Kindly advise what local radio station, up to and include Roseburg which I assume isn't that far away, so she'll have something else to listen to other than FOX that's enroute to the LEFT. Thank you for your assistance. Hope to hear from you soon. Judy
By: Judith Jones on August 21, 2017

KSOC 94.5
Happy Birthday to Ashlyn E. Riley.! I hope you see this sometime and some year. I love you and miss you everyday daughter.
By: Sean Riley on August 21, 2017

WEZV 105.9
the transmitter goes out and the entire station lineup changes...would be nice to have told your listeners...just like when Kelly left years ago!
By: Patricia Francis on August 21, 2017

WEZV 105.9
Where is Jim Morgan? I followed him from 92.1 to 105.9. I missed the Friday morning show. Was there some announcement? What happenend to the 6:30 AM news? This "Monti in the Morning" isn't going to fly with me - I need something calmer when I wake up to the radio coming on at 6:00. Really don't need to know about the designer pillows in her car. I want the news that happened overnight.
By: Carla on August 21, 2017

WJGS 91.5
This has become my main radio station. The commentators and teachers are gracious while presenting hard truth. I note among the voices in this programming, "Stacy on the Right" and Bishop E W Jackson, among others.
By: Bill Wolff on August 21, 2017

WWSW 94.5
What the freak happened to the Sunday Night Cruise In Show. The last time I read anything about radio ratings in Pittsburgh, it was the most listened to show in the whole week! Not just your station, but all stations included in the Pittsburgh area. Don't the people of I-Heart know that Pittsburgh was and still is the do-wop capital of the world? Come on Lamme brain! Get back to real rock and roll! Casey Kasem? Give me a break man!
By: Glenn M Brakeman on August 21, 2017

KRTA 610
We have a lecturer coming to Medford to give a talk in Spanish. It will be given at 3 pm, on Sunday September 17, at Hawthorne Park in Medford. This is a free event. The talk is entitled, "Are you ready for the first step?" to be given by Enrique Smeke, CSB. We would so appreciate it if this could be advertised on your radio station in some manner to your Spanish-speaking audience. We can send you electronically a copy of the flier in Spanish. Or, mail you the flier if you prefer. Thank you very much. Joan Reitz
By: Joan Reitz on August 21, 2017

KHPD 104.5
KHPD rules! Wish they would stream online. I listen whenever I get up St. George way.
By: Robert Konshak on August 20, 2017

WAMS 94.9
Anything new with any on-air openings? I believe that you still have my T&R on file. I have 33 years experience, including some time in Philly(PT), have done many remotes, and was laid-off from my job in South Jersey. Thanks-Mark Wilmington, DE (302) 994-3934
By: Mark Anderson on August 20, 2017

WJIB 740
Being a retired Broadcasting Engineer, My hat is off to Bob Bitner for the terrific job with the AM stations as well as WJIB-FM. My broadcasting career started at a 5,000 watt AM station in Providence, RI......the old WICE, 1290kHz. I finally retired 10 years ago after finishing my career at the ABC-TV affiliate in Norfolk, VA. I'm active now shortwave, AM broadcast listening as well as Ham Radio. FYI to Bob, occasionally I receive WJIB AM up here at night when no AM skip is present even up here in Haverhill with WJIB is only running 5 watts. Great!
By: Bill in Haverhill on August 20, 2017

KBJS 90.3
KHJK From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search KHJK Air 1 Radio.png City La Porte, Texas Broadcast area Greater Houston/Golden Triangle Branding Air 1 Slogan "Positive Hits" Frequency 103.7 MHz Translator(s) 95.3 K237FS Conroe, Texas First air date 103.7: September 15, 1992 (license; as 103.5 KVST Huntsville) October 27, 2005 (current tower; as KUST La Porte) 95.3: June 6, 2016 Format Christian Rock Language(s) English ERP 103.7: 94,860 watts 95.3: 75 watts HAAT 103.7: 590 m (1,936 ft) 95.3: 127 m (417 ft)(directional) Class 103.7: C 95.3: D Facility ID 103.7: 48676 95.3: 148663 Transmitter coordinates 29°56′9″N 94°30′39″W Callsign meaning K Houston JacK (former format) Former callsigns KTDD (1990-1991; assigned on initial permit) KVST (1991-2005, as "K-Star Country") KUST (3/2005-5/2005 as "TV 103" stunt) KIOL (2005-2007 as "Rock 103.7") Former frequencies 103.5 MHz Affiliations Air 1 Owner Educational Media Foundation Sister stations KXAI, KZAR Webcast Listen Live Website KHJK (103.7 FM, "Air 1") is a Christian rock-formatted radio station serving the Houston and Beaumont, Texas, areas. It relays the satellite delivered Air 1 format by owner Educational Media Foundation. KHJK rebroadcasts its programming on 95.3 K237FS in Conroe. This enables KHJK to have a city grade signal in Conroe, which the main 103.7 facility can not provide to listeners. Contents [hide] 1 History 1.1 Beginnings in Huntsville 1.2 Sale to Cumulus; Move to La Porte 1.3 KIOL Becomes "Rock 103.7" 1.4 Jack FM 1.5 Move to Adult Album Alternative 1.6 Cumulus Divestiture; Sale to EMF 2 Callsign history 3 HD radio 4 References 5 External links History[edit] Beginnings in Huntsville[edit] KHJK-FM previously operated as KVST, "K-Star Country 103.7", which was licensed to service Montgomery County, Texas, prior to being purchased by Cumulus Media in 2005. Originally owned by Ben Amato of Conroe (who sold his chain of grocery stores around that area to finance the radio station), it signed on as KVST in Huntsville on 103.5; however, interference from KEYI (now KBPA) in Austin caused the station not to reach down to the intended audience of Conroe and a look at a move-in frequency was done. Amato moved the station's frequency up one channel to 103.7, and also physically moved the tower site south to Willis. This resulted in an excellent signal in Conroe, Willis, and the exploding community of The Woodlands. However, the signal was all but lost in Huntsville, which was solved by Amato bringing a new station to life, licensed to Huntsville, in order to simulcast KVST. That station became KUST at 99.7 MHz. Sale to Cumulus; Move to La Porte[edit] Ironically, in 2005, Cumulus Media purchased the license for 103.7, and once KVST relocated to La Porte, 99.7 made the same journey down Interstate 45 that 103.7 had made in the years before it ultimately moved to the Devers tower, east of Houston. Since then, 99.7 KVST has reversed the move and returned to Huntsville, transmitting from the original 103.5 tower. As a part of the move of 103.7, KUST switched call letters with KVST, resulting in the new 99.7 in Willis becoming KVST, while the KUST calls were shipped to this facility. These calls were short lived as they were only used for the "TV 103" stunt format utilized while Cumulus prepared for the move of 97.5 KIOL's rock format and call letters to the debuting 103.7 signal in Houston and The Golden Triangle. KBIU in Lake Charles was also affected by the move of this facility as it also operated on the 103.7 frequency. This was resolved by Cumulus downgrading KBIU, which the company also owned, and also moving its operating frequency to 103.3. 103.7 KUST soon went dark while Cumulus moved the facility to its current location in Devers, Texas to service the Houston and Golden Triangle areas. KIOL Becomes "Rock 103.7"[edit] KUST officially returned to the air on May 23, 2005, simulcasting 97.5 KIOL until May 31, when KIOL's AOR format moved to 103.7 (which adopted the KIOL calls as a result) entirely, and the new station on 97.5, KFNC, signed on with an all-news format. Prior to the KIOL move, KUST tested the new transmitting site with nonstop commercial free television themes as "TV 103". Jack FM[edit] On August 30, 2007, the Houston Chronicle reported that KIOL would be switching to the Jack FM format at 10:37 a.m. the following day, and adopting new call letters, KHJK [1]. The final three songs on "Rock 103.7" were "Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty, "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner (followed by a promo that "your world will change after this song" and to "tell everyone you know to listen"), and "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix, while the first two songs on "Jack" were "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by The Rolling Stones" and "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince. Move to Adult Album Alternative[edit] On May 6, 2009, KHJK shifted from adult hits to AAA as "103-7FM."[1] Cumulus Divestiture; Sale to EMF[edit] As part of a prepackaged bankruptcy filing, the lenders took over the license of four Cumulus Media Partners stations; two in the Kansas City metro area (KCHZ and KMJK) and the two rimshot signals in the Houston metro, KHJK and KFNC, in November 2011.[2] Station broker Larry Patrick became majority owner and set out to sell the stations to recover the value for the lenders. After the filing, Cumulus continued to program the stations under LMA. While Cumulus could have purchased the stations back, the highest bidder for KFNC was David Gow, owner of KGOW (1560 The Game) and the highest bidder for KHJK was Educational Media Foundation, who programs Christian AC and Christian Rock formats.[3] EMF switched the format of KHJK to Air 1 at 5:00 p.m. on July 17, 2012.[4] The last songs played on 103.7 FM were The Old Apartment by Barenaked Ladies, Eyes Wide Open by Gotye, Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, In The End by Linkin Park, Closing Time by Semisonic, and It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by R.E.M..[5] Between In The End and Closing Time, KHJK voiceover Mike McKay gave this goodbye message: "Houston, thank you. It's been an amazing ride. Steve, Donna, and the entire 103-7FM crew want to say thanks for being there for us. Attending our events, coming to our shows, and just for listening to Houston's adult alternative, 103-7FM. It's been our pleasure serving you some of the best new music out there and playing music you can't hear anywhere else but 103-7FM. You are the best listeners we could have ever asked for, and we'll miss you. Thanks again. And are you hiring?" The first song on "Air 1" was "Me Without You" by TobyMac.[1] The purchase of KHJK by EMF was consummated on October 15, 2012 at a price of $5 million. Because the station rimshots from Devers (where its transmitter is located), KHJK's signal is either marginal or weak in the northern and western areas of the Houston metropolitan area. These areas, however, are largely served by competing Christian station, KSBJ. Callsign history[edit] KTDD - 05/03/1990 KVST - 07/22/1991 (K-Star Country) KUST - 03/30/2005 KIOL - 05/31/2005 (Rock 103-7) KHJK - 09/01/2007 (103.7 Jack FM, 103-7 FM, Air-1) HD radio[edit] Cumulus Broadcasting began upgrading its stations to HD Radio broadcasting in 2005. One of the first ten stations to be upgraded was KIOL.[6] The station had been simulcast on KRBE HD-2, but this was replaced by a feed of the True Oldies Channel in June 2012.[7]
By: Air1 on August 20, 2017

KBPC 93.5
Y'all played a song about the cross this morning. Can you tell me what the name of it is. It was played around 9:15 am on August the 20th. Thanks
By: Debbie Allen on August 20, 2017

WYKB 105.3
Ai really enjoy your radio station and was very impressed with the fact that you played The National Anthem every day at 12:00. Coming from a strong military family that meant a lot to me but as of late I don't seem to hear it any more. WHY????
By: M turner on August 19, 2017

KBUB 90.3
Wonderful station can you tell me the name of the female artist and name of song. Give it all to jesus he will show you how
By: Glenn Allen on August 19, 2017

WSOX 96.1
I want to donate school supplies today at the Ephrata Walmart WSOX event but I would like to know what kinds of supplies are most needed. Please repond
By: Joe on August 19, 2017

WJLG 900
The 4pm show with Tiki Barber is the worst show in 900 am history. Time to switch to music.
By: marty Mohar on August 19, 2017

WLMX 104.9
I was wondering do you have a time your off the air? I started listening around 10:00pm or 11:00 .Then from that point on just what the weather from Friday to Sunday would be ,repeated till 5:00am this morning.Ok I thought the DJ died or got drunk and passed out or someone came in there knocked you out.I was at work.No did not have ear buds in that whole time either.So are you off the air at that time?
By: Danita Harty on August 19, 2017

WFLF 540
would love to hear Jim Bohanen instead of Clyde Lewis in the 10 to 1a.m. time cause Mr. Lewis is constantly negative and depressed!
By: marlene robinson on August 18, 2017

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