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WBDB 103.3
This station is awesome. I just spent a bit on google trying to find their online presence. This music is a breath of fresh air compared to the same monotonous garbage on the radio today. I WANT a station where I hear a new song every day. It's OK for me to not like everything a station plays. You guys keep it up, if you need internet I can find a way to beam you some, keep real music and the practice of not brainwashing you listeners a priority. So glad I found this station.
By: Joey Gibson on February 25, 2018

KABF 88.3
i have a radio hit! please play it on the radio.. promise i wont waste your time
By: cameron dean on February 25, 2018

KEUW 89.9
Really diggin the line-up you had on saturday afternoon. Where can I find the names of artist. Sound like a bluegrass genre.
By: Jenn on February 25, 2018

KCRF 96.7
This is by far the best radio station in Lincoln County, possibly the best in the state. As I travel around the state, I can't seem to find any radio station that is as good as KCRF. Keep it going.
By: Dan Christianson on February 25, 2018

WKPX 88.5
As a mother, I just wanted to say how touched I felt hearing the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas School speak on our national news here in the UK this week. My heart goes out to the lost and to the survivors including families and friends whose lives have changed forever. I applaud the students who want to bring about change in the world and believe they can do this by seizing this appalling moment in time and making it a turning point for the best. Lay down arms, change the culture,change the world's perception of your great nation, one that seems to be taking a turn for the worse. I want to cry for your nation, your children, your loss of innocence. Your students have the support of so many people around the world - to see them turn their personal tragedy into something that makes's the world a better, safer place to live. There's strength in numbers so join together and push hard for this. We are all behind you.
By: Fiona from Oxford UK on February 25, 2018

WRKO 680
Agree with previous commenter. I Miss 60s Sat Nite also. Is 4 hours too much to ask? Please. Maybe more than 4 hrs! please reconsider.
By: Ms Anonymous on February 24, 2018

WREK 91.1
How do I listen to the ball game on my Android?
By: Rod Johnson on February 24, 2018

KSVB 94.1
Awesome station! Finally decent music choice in Big Bear. Keep this going! Could I get the artist name you played yesterday (Friday 2/23/18) at 3:15. Blues, guitar, Stairway to heaven. Love there's no commercials. keep this station on the air.
By: Denise on February 24, 2018

KTBX 98.1
I have been listinig since a few years back, not sure how many... great music discoveries like Whitebird - It's a Beautiful Day, Forever Aurumn - Justin Hayward and many more... on a good day I can hear loud and clear all the way acrooss the border in Nogales, Sonora. I just wish there was a playlist available or that I could stream online... glad Shazam exists though. Thanks for the great commnercial free music! :-)
By: Blanca Torres on February 24, 2018

KORJ 97.7
I do enjoy the station; however, I am perplexed. You state the format is New Age, acoustic and ??? Something unrecognizable to me. What?
By: Buzz on February 24, 2018

WXEX 92.1
Would it be possible to play one of these selections " The Sky Is Crying ", " Pride and Joy", " Life Without You " by Stevie Ray Vaughan for Ann " Mystical " G. The lady listens to your station at all times. Thank you for your consideration !
By: W. Nichols on February 24, 2018

WZXQ 88.3
Hi, I work with Sidewalk Prophets. I am contacting you because Sidewalk Prophets is bringing their Something Different Tour to Chambersburg Pa. We would love to partner with you to promote this event. We are hoping to trade for radio spots and more. We tour so differently and we try to keep cost down. We would love to work with you in any way we can to promote this tour. If you are interested in promoting & partnering with SWP, please reply or contact me at 252-475-4292 Blessings, Darlene Francis Sidewalk Prophets, Promotions Team
By: Darlene Francis on February 24, 2018

KXRT 90.9
I listen daily to your station. Although it has not came thru on the radio since Tuesday. I really have been missing it. Thank you.
By: Viola Perrin on February 24, 2018

KERW 101.3
Judging by the comments and my own personal experience, looks like you need to post a list of your past playlist. Just a thought. By the way you are not the only station with this problem because I can’t get past playlists from them either. It’s nice you got the recognition for playing the song, but what about the artist? You were paid for the air time so can’t they at least Sell a record or two? Just remember if it wasn’t for them you would not have a tune to transmit. Don’t get me wrong I do like the music and Hope the station a long future but wether you are selling albums or airtime it’s all about what the public wants that keeps things going.
By: Listener on February 24, 2018

KDFG 103.9
We loved the song you played today (2-23-18) around 4:40 pm, it was a female singer (opera) and cello (maybe more accompaniment?), we just caught the last minute or so. My daughter is almost 4 years old and picked it up as we were scanning through the radio stations. She was in awe. Appreciate any information, thanks so much!
By: Tess on February 24, 2018

KDOO 101.5
Thanks for transmitting! Enjoying everything about KDOO-LP…
By: Evan Cordes on February 24, 2018

KRVH 91.5
Hi, my name is Bob Bard, from the Rio Vista Rotary Club. We're holding our annual golf tournament, Friday, May 4, and I'm writing to ask if your station would like to play music at the event as you've done in previous years. Thank you, Bob Bard 374-2119
By: Bob Bard on February 23, 2018

WJOP 96.3
Who is the country singer at 3:38 pm, 2/23/2018? Thanks.
By: Paul K on February 23, 2018

KSQE 97.7
By: CECIL CLAYTOR on February 23, 2018

KZXK 98.9
Is there a y stations playing bobby bones on
By: Mike on February 23, 2018

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